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As rooted in the company as in the craft

Family-run passion


Alfons Baumann, our 5th generation, stand for the customer focus and quality promise of our company.  He learnt our craft from scratch – having grown up in a close relationship with stone, shape and color, we understand your needs and ideas, his knowledge that benefits our customers. It is the combination of enthusiasm, passion and expertise with which we serve our customers on a daily basis. From the planning through the selection of stone to the project hand-over.


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As diverse as nature

The variety of exclusive types of stone for every dream atmosphere


Over 13,000 m² of top quality and unique slabs will inspire you. Thanks to the years of close cooperation with our stone suppliers around the world, the most individual and exclusive types of stone are available to you in our slabs storage. Each block and each slab selected personally by us.


We process natural stone in a way that its natural colour and shape are reflected in the final product. Individuality, not quantity is our motto. We produce complete installations from a rough quarry block in order to meet the high quality demands of our customers and in particular to avoid colour differences.

As precise as uniqueness deserves


Every stone is unique –

so we treat them accordingly


Feel and craftsmanship of our employees and the use of state-of-the-art machines are the basis for our broad portfolio of high quality natural stone products. And our strength. We cooperate closely with you – from the development to the production of unique items. This intense customer focus combined with the highest level of quality assures us a seat in the front row in the future of natural stone carving made in Germany.



Alfons Baumann Junior takes over Alfons Baumann GmbH. Opening of a new exhibition park.



The company Baumann expands and doubles the size of its company grounds in Röttingen by setting up new production and exhibition spaces and acquiring an existing warehouse.



By now the natural stone factory’s clients are mostly high-profile business, politics, sports and television people.



Alfons Baumann Junior founds as 5th generation the Baumann Marmor + Bäder GmbH in Grünwald – Munic.



Alfons Baumann GmbH is Chamber of Crafts winner and makes 1st place in their competition “die gute Form”.



Baumann extends their storage space for natural stone – a diversified variety of stones are now available on site. Baumann’s natural store stock becomes the largest in south Germany.



Reinhold Baumann takes over the business and founds today's company, Alfons Baumann GmbH.



Reinhold Baumann acquires an adjacent plot of land owned by the German Federal Railway and builds another production hall.



Due to customized work for private, catering trade and restauration clients Baumann becomes a renown specialist for solid construction and individual solutions made of natural stone.



Alfons Baumann and his son Reinhold relocate the business to Röttingen, the present location of the company, and build a new production hall.



Another, larger workshop is built.


Alfons Baumann takes over the entire family business in Buch and, on 20 May, is entered into the register of qualified crafts people.




The first workshop is established in Buch.



Alfons Baumann returns from war captivity and joins his father's company, which has a long-standing tradition.



Following the death of his father-in-law and brother, August Baumann takes over the grave stone business and quarry in Buch.



Hans & August Baumann take over the quarry from their parents and change the name of the company to "Gebrüder Baumann".

On 15 July, Franz Kreußer and Valentin Baumann found a quarry and sculpting company in Buch-Bieberehren.



Founding of Baumann Steinbruch



Reinhold Baumann passed away after a severe illness. His indefatigable creativeness made the natural-stone company a internationally operating business. He always gave the crucial stimulus at the right time. We will always be grateful and honor him as well as continue the company the way he taught us to.



Alfons Baumann GmbH wins competition „Regionis“ in categories ‚resources’ and ‘innovation’


Obermaier Bäder München GmbH moves to new store location fitted with natural-stone products made by their main supplier for natural stone, Alfons Baumann GmbH.



Machine park upgrade with additional innovative machines for customized production.